Harness Repair Kit Update

USD $828.39



Required tool for Diesel Engine and Power Train Service.
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Included in kit J-54400 (J-54400)


Kit Components

J-48817-1107 Connector Pigtails, Fuel Temp, Coolant Temp. (Pkg. of 2)
J-48817-1108 Connector Pigtails, Intake Manifold Temp, EGR Pressure (Pkg. of 2)
J-48817-1109 Connector Pigtails, EGR Valve, EGR Bypass Valve (Pkg. of 2)
J-48817-1110 Connector Pigtails, EGR Delta Pressure (Pkg. of 2)
J-48817-1111 Connector Pigtails, Low Fuel Pressure, Crankcase Pressure (Pkg. of 2)
J-48817-1112 Connector Pigtails, Exhaust Pressure, Interstage Boost Pressure (Pkg. of 2)
J-48817-1113 Connector Pigtails, Oil Pressure (Pkg. of 2)
J-48817-1114 Connector Pigtails, MAF Sensor (Pkg. of 2)
J-48817-1115 Connector Pigtails, Fan Speed/Clutch (Pkg. of 2)
J-48817-1116 CONNECTOR Pigtails, Intake Air Throttle, 2/PK
J-48817-1117 CONNECTOR Pigtails, Turbo Speed Sensor, 2/PK
J-48817-1118 CONNECTOR Pigtails, Baro/Temp Sensor, Intake Manifold Pressure/Temp, 2/PK
J-48817-261 Lead, crimped terminal, Type GT, 10PK
J-48817-262 Lead, crimped terminal, Type RING, 10PK
J-48817-263 Lead, crimped terminal, Type APEX, 10PK
J-48817-264 Lead, crimped terminal, Type APEX, 10PK
J-48817-265 Lead, crimped terminal, Type APEX, 10PK
J-48817-266 Lead, crimped terminal, Type AMP, 10PK
J-48817-267 Lead, crimped terminal, Type RS, 10PK