RoboReel Portable Power Cord System



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The world's first portable, motor-driven, extension cord manager. With patented technology and award-winning design, we've made uncompromised safety, durability, and convenience yours - at the touch of a button. This portable model holds 50ft. of heavy-duty 12 gauge electrical extension cord and can operate freestanding, on a bench or table, or on a wall with an optional wall mount. A simple touch of a button, on the end of the cord or on the unit itself, and the RoboReel Power Cord System winds the cord in nice and neat every time.



  • Winds in automatically with the touch of a button on the end of the cord or on top of unit.
  • Power will shut off in less than a second if the extension cord is accidentally severed to help prevent electrical injuries.
  • The unit can rotate 360 degrees continuously allowing you to reach any tool within a 100 foot diameter.
  • RoboReel Portable can operate freestanding, on a bench, or mounted on a wall with an optional mounting bracket.
  • Winds in fast and slows down to docking speed, preventing whipping action that can cause injury and damage.
  • Redundant thermostats help prevent overheating and possible fire hazards.
  • Comes installed with 50' of heavy-duty 12 gauge cord with 3 outlets that is "corkscrew" resistant.
  • If a cord is accidentally damaged, it can easily be replaced by user.
  • The unit is oil, gas, chemical and UV resistant.



Cable length 600 inch
Weight approx. 21 lbs
Power supply 120v V/Hz/A
Dimensions (L x W x H) 16 x 15 x 12 inch
Speed Variable rpm



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