Sevenne Bench on wheels



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Sevenne is a universal and mobile bench, which can be upgraded to a Rhone or Griffon if desired. It's peripheral frame allows anchoring to be achieved from all sides of the bench.



Max Weight Capacity 8,000 Lbs
Weight approx. 1,653 lbs
Dimensions (L x W x H) 127" x 57.7" x 20.7" inch



325-9121.523 Multi Function Support $443.00 Add to cart
325-9121.533 Steering Handle $515.00 Add to cart
325-9123.920 Sevenne Storage Trolley $1,834.00 Add to cart
325-9212.013 Mercedes Benz Anchoring Kit-Used in place of Sill Clamps to provide additional anchoring when making pulls. $5,517.00 Add to cart
325-955.9612 Set of 6 Modular Crossmembers Call for price Add to cart
325-MZ2500.000 MZ + System $5,244.00 Add to cart
325-MZ450.010 MZ towers $6,692.00 Add to cart
325-SVN.05.301 Sevenne Puller Call for price Add to cart


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