13,500 lb. capacity Wireless, Battery, Hydraulic Operated Mobile Column Lift (set of 2)

USD $16,948.00


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13,500 lb. capacity Wireless, Battery, Hydraulic Operated Mobile Column Lift will accommodate multiple bays with one lift system. Robust yet easily maneuverable mobile columns can be operated on almost any solid surface, in-doors or out. Challenger mobile column lifts feature wireless, battery, hydraulic operation along with adjustable carriages, heavy-duty tow dolly, and integrated touch screen controls.



  • Hydraulic operated units provide lifting capacity of 54,000 lbs. (set of 4) enable lifting from small passenger cars to heavy-duty trucks, transit, and municipality vehicles.
  • 110 volt built in multi-stage charging system
  • Wireless system for clutter free work area without cables to connect, navigate around, roll-over or replace
  • Adjustable carriages eliminate the need for small wheel adapters while providing the necessary width to accommodate larger wheels
  • 12 radio frequencies with a channel range from 100-120 for each frequency to prevent radio noise from interrupting service
  • Digital encoders maintains system synchronization and ensures maximum reliability
  • Integrated touch screen control console provides easy-to-use and precise operating
  • Precise balanced design, heavy-duty tow handle and spring loaded wheels make moving and aligning individual lift units simple and easy with little effort
  • Battery operated with 12 volt deep cycle batteries eliminates the need for power source hook-ups and provide 24 volt operation. Batteries Included!



Dimensions (L x W x H) carrier 5 - 24.5 inch
Load carrying capacity 13,500 (per column) 27,000 (set of 4) lbs
Lifting height 69 inch
Lifting/lowering time approx. 60 s
Color Blue
Power supply 24v / 60Hz V/Hz/A
Dimensions (L x W x H) 88.5 x 53.625 x 44.25 inch



67-CLHM-10-TH Short Support stands, 20,000 lb capacity (each), adjustable height (20" - 32"), 1" adjustment increments. (1 pair) $798.00 Add to cart
67-CLHM-10-THF Medium height Support stands, 20,000 lb capacity (each), adjustable height (30" - 52"), 1" adjustment increments. (1 pair) $1,095.00 Add to cart
67-CLHM-CA-15 Heavy Duty Mobile Cab Off Adapter $1,995.00 Add to cart
67-CLHM-CB-32A Crossbeam adapter, 32,000 lb capacity - used to lift by frame rails, (1 kit per pair of columns) $2,722.00 Add to cart
67-CLHM-ELA-90A End Lift Adapter, 9,000 lb. capacity (per column - used to support vehicle from front and rear) (1 pair) *Designed specifically for Humvee lifting. $2,299.00 Add to cart
67-CLHM-FLA Fork lift adapter, 15,000 capacity - used to raise fork lift 64" $5,353.00 Add to cart
67-CLHM-HR-300 Clutch Jack: Air/Hydraulic powered, 300 lb capacity, 360° rotating head, 80 1/2" maximum lift height $2,099.00 Add to cart
67-CLHM-HTCJ-2000 Transmission Jack: 2,200 lb capacity, 30" start height, 72" maximum lift height, 360° rotating head with fore & aft tilt, 1st stage power: 100% air, 2nd stage power: air/hydraulic for precise control $7,957.00 Add to cart
67-CLHM-LS-LK Light Kit - used to illuminate work areas under the vehicle, 2 lights per kit - 1 light per column uses power from column battery source $387.00 Add to cart
67-CLHM-THR Hi-rise support stand, 18,000 lb capacity (each), adjustable height (43 3/4" - 84"). (1 piece) $1,951.00 Add to cart
67-CLHM-WHD-12 Wheel Dolly: 1,200 lb capacity, 51" maximum lift height, air assisted hydraulic power system, flexible design works with super single & dual wheel assemblies, combines fore/aft & side-to-side tilt adjustments $4,964.00 Add to cart