REVO Rapid

USD $14,555.00


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The GFS REVO Rapid is designed for small spot repairs or shops with space restrictions. Choose from a rail-mounted or a mobile unit. Dual sensors on the premium models allow you to dry two different substrates at the same time with just one system! Dry Different Substrates at the Same Time REVO Rapid System includes two cassettes with four anti-glare rubied IR lamps on each cassette. On the premium models, the intensity of radiation can be easily adjusted for each cassette to dry different substrates at the same time.Models The GFS REVO Rapid is available as a rail-mounted system or a mobile unit, with 3 model options: Mobile Systems On wheels, the REVO Rapid Mobile systems can be moved into any booth, prep station or virtually anywhere you need it. REVO Rapid MC1 One sensor and one pyrometer Several preset values for easy operation



Weight approx. 300 lbs
Power supply 220/55 V/Hz/A
Power consumption 12 kW