Refrigerant Leak Detector, Economy Automatic Halogen

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The revolutionary new "Generation X" line of TIF refrigerant leak detectors brings you tomorrow's technology today. We not only changed the way our leak detectors look, but the way to look at leak detectors. Innovative MPC circuitry and Advanced Digital Signal Processing monitor the sensing tip up to 2000 times per second. Automatic reset, true mechanical pump, and visual indicators (TIF XP-1 and TIF RX-1) speed and simplify leak searches. A completely re-designed sensing tip increases sensitivity, improves reliability, and lasts twice as long as its predecessor. This results in fewer comebacks, less hassle, and lower maintenance costs. Specifications: Power Source: 3V DC; 2 "C" cell alkaline batteries Ultimate Sensitivity: TIFXL-1A - Less than 0.4 oz./yr. (11g/yr.) Sensing Tip Life: Approx. 20 hours Operating Range: 30° to 125° F (0° to 52° C) Battery Life: TIFXL-1A – Approx. 40 hrs. Duty Cycle: Continuous Response Time: Instantaneous Reset Time: One second Warm-up Time: Approx. 2 seconds Unit Weight: 1.2 lbs. (560 grams) Unit Dimensions: 9" x 2.25" x 2.25" (22.9cm x 5.7cm x 5.7cm) Fixed Probe Length: 14" (35.5cm)



  • Microprocessor controlled circuit with Advanced Digital Signal Processing.
  • Detects ALL halogenated refrigerants.
  • Certified to SAE J1627. CE approval and UL classified.
  • Variable frequency audible alarm.
  • Constant power indication. Cordless and portable; operates on two C-cell batteries.
  • 14" (35.5 cm) flexible stainless steel probe with liner.
  • Carrying case included.
  • Single switch control.
  • Two-year warranty.



Weight approx. 3.25 lbs
Dimensions (L x W x H) 12.1 x 10.5 x 2.9 inch



49-TIFRX-1A Refrigerant Leak Detector, Automatic Halogen $158.00 Add to cart
49-TIFXP-1A Refrigerant Leak Detector, Deluxe $168.00 Add to cart



49-TIFXP-2 Maintenance kit (3 tips, 3 protectors) $40.00 Add to cart