MI-200T Spot Welder with GYRO

USD $18,495.00

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Chief's most value-add Spot Resistance Welder. Weld mild steel, HSS, UHSS and Boron.

HALF OFF C Arm Kit (200-CEL021457) with purchase of MI 200 Spot Welder and FREE Cover (105-CK130050)!



  • Uses less energy than other comparable spot welders. No special wiring
  • Transformer in pliers, but still light weight
  • Liquid cooled arms to the tips
  • True Auto Mode
  • High duty cycle -- no waiting for cool down
  • 4 Meter Cable
  • High Stability Gyro on Pliers
  • Spring Balancer incuded



Welding cable length 157 inch
Weight approx. 220 lbs
Power supply 200-230/50-60/40 V/Hz/A
Dimensions (L x W x H) 36.4 x 25.6 x 31.5 inch



105-CEL019126 Non-insulated C Arm Set C2+C3+C4 $3,261.00 Add to cart
105-CEL019294 C5 Arm $362.00 Add to cart
105-CEL019775 C6 Arm 141mm x 60mm $480.00 Add to cart
105-CEL020078 Insulated C9 Arm - 600mm $1,810.00 Add to cart
105-CEL021433 Insulated C7 Arm 430 mm $1,744.00 Add to cart
105-CEL021440 Insulated C8 Arm 202mm $790.00 Add to cart
105-CEL021457 C Arm Set C2+C3+C4 $2,452.00 Add to cart
105-CEL048935 Box of 40 Type A Caps $85.00 Add to cart
105-CEL051010 Single Side / Stud Welder Gun $1,053.00 Add to cart
105-CEL053649 C11 Arm C to X Adaptor $889.00 Add to cart
105-CK130050 MI 200T Cover $260.00 Add to cart