Spillguard Drain For Used Oil Only - 16 gallon - Drumless with cam-lock 1"



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Spillguard Drain captures used oil and transfers to any bulk storage tank. Includes: Balcrank gwide trackh 4 caster dolly set, drainage bowl with filter to keep debris from entering container and to speed drainage, and fluid level gauge.



  • All steel cover, container, and base design, made in the USA.
  • Drainage bowl made from high strength poly providing collapsible safety feature & assists in preventing container failure when object is lowered onto drainage bowl.
  • Tip resistant balanced design.
  • Powder coated for corrosion resistance with high-quality powder coating.
  • Drains are offered in black for used fluid.
  • Added 1" cam-lock nipple and dust cap
  • Telescoping range 0-27 in. (0-69 m)



Weight approx. 31 lbs
Power supply Air V/Hz/A



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