NTF-515A - Portable Nitrogen Tire Inflation System - 15 gal/5.1 SCFM


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NitroPRO® NTF-515A is the Nitrogen Tire Inflation System crafted to generate up to 98% nitrogen purity, allowing for improved tire life over common oxygen-inflated tires. And new nitrogen technology proves to provide better fuel economy and increased safety. Exclusive NitroPRO membrane technology requires no moving parts to generate nitrogen, which translates to easy and routine maintenance.



  • Super-fast service times of seven (7) minutes for six (6) tires
  • „„Automatic programmable operation with simultaneous fill
  • Dual settings for either 95% or 98% Nitrogen purity
  • Fine particulate filter traps fine particulates & residual moisture
  • High visibility LCD and analog gauge
  • Maintenance-free membrane technology
  • Nitrogen inflated tires do not age as quickly as air inflated tires.
  • Nitrogen inflated tires minimize blowouts.
  • Nitrogen is a dry gas with no corrosive properties.



Measuring time 5 min average per vehicle s
Weight approx. 238 lbs
Color Black
Power supply 110-220VAC 50/60 HZ / <1A V/Hz/A
Dimensions (L x W x H) 20 x 22 x 49 inch



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