Synergy Multi-Point Dispense Module - Fluid Inventory Control



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Synergy is the ultimate in Fluid Inventory Control systems. Unlimited number of fluids including oil, grease, DEF, windshield wash fluid and anti-freeze. Synergy controls up to 255 dispense points with total simultaneous dispense capability. Network and DMS interface available as well as full tank monitoring and real-time inventory levels. Today, the needs of our customers are more complex, the fluids are many, and the challenges of managing and accurately monitoring these fluids are difficult. Wireless has its limitations, communication problems, and risks with all electronic controls mounted in the handle. Synergy brings you real-time information and seamless communication without interruption, interfacing with DMS software. The Multi-Point Dispense Module (MPDM) controls the amount of fluid ordered from any keypad or PC in the entire system.



  • One module controls up to 4 outlets and offers keyed manual override.
  • Every outlet port can be given unique functions: PIN code, volume, time out, job number, group access, Pulse Per Unit, display information, Min./Max. volume.
  • Max. 30’ distance per dispense point from Multi-Point Dispense Module to meter valve.



Dimensions (L x W x H) 13-3/8 x 10-1/4 x 2-1/2 inch
Weight approx. 9 lbs



44-3120-074 Meter Solenoid Valve Kit for Grease 1/4" NPT $2,219.00 Add to cart
44-3120-075 Meter Solenoid Valve Kit for Diesel 3/4" NPT $1,651.00 Add to cart
44-3120-077 Meter Solenoid Valve Kit for Windshield Wash Fluid 1/2" NPT $869.00 Add to cart
44-3120-078 Meter Solenoid Valve Kit for DEF 1/2" NPT $1,197.00 Add to cart
44-3120-108 Synergy System Client PC Set-up Software $252.00 Add to cart
44-3120-115 CABLE, POWER/COMM, SYNERGY, 250FT $356.00 Add to cart
44-3120-117 Meter Solenoid Valve Kit for Oil/Anti-freeze $346.00 Add to cart
44-3128-100 Synergy Communication Cable – 100 ft. $82.00 Add to cart
44-3128-150 Synergy System Communication Cable – 150 ft. $128.00 Add to cart
44-3128-250 CABLE, POWER/COMM, SYNERGY, 250FT $176.00 Add to cart
44-3129-050 Synergy System Control Cable – 50 ft. $157.00 Add to cart