Dual Function Key Machine - Cuts Laser And Edge Cut Keys


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One key machine with two cutters and two clamps. Two cutting stations: one for edge cut style keys, and one for laser keys. No more having to change out clamps to cut different style keys. The Futura Pro is equipped with two built-in clamps and cutters to accommodate a variety of keys, one four position clamp for Edge Cut Keys and one clamp for Laser Cut Keys. Machine operation is via a 10" touch screen tablet that is provided with the machine. This is an electronic machine that will cut by key code or duplication of an original key.



  • Dual function key machine - cuts laser and edge cut keys by code or duplication.
  • More powerful cutter motors, higher torque and speed to improve cutting efficiency.
  • Carbide cutting bit and one position jaw is used for cutting laser cut keys
  • Cutting wheel and four position jaw is used for cutting edge cut keys
  • All OEM key codes are pre-loaded into the machine for cutting by key code.
  • Easier and faster search for a vehicle key cutting code using the card search shortcut function.
  • 01J, 02J and 19J jaws included will accommodate all North American laser style keys with the exception of BMW and Mercedes, (requires optional 04J jaw).
  • Key code updates can be done via download on 10" touch screen tablet
  • Guided, step by step updating procedure via tablet, SRS/USB, or ethernet.



Weight approx. 44 lbs
Power supply 110 V/Hz/A
Dimensions (L x W x H) 16.3 x 12.5 x 20.5 inch