Titan Service Kit

USD $5,167.65


Bosch Automotive Service Solutions


Required tools for Diesel Engine and Power Train service


Kit Components

J-54401 Barring Tool
J-54420 Pressure/Restriction Gauge Adapter
J-54421 Fuel Drain Pressure/Restriction Gauge Adapter
J-54425 Exhaust Lock Plate Kit
J-54427 Cap Plug Kit-Fuel System
J-54424 U-Shape Barring Tool
J-54423 Cap Plug Kit-Air Handling
J-54480 Fan Clutch Removalventilateur
J-54428 Injector Bore Brush
J-54429 Air Pressure Regulator
J-54431 Fuel System Leak Tester
J-54466 5025 DEF Refractometer
J-51882 2WD Output Shaft
J-51888 4WD Output Shaft Seal Installer
J-48817-UPD8 Harness Repair Kit Update
J-54419 Engine Lifting Brackets
J-54418 Chain Tensioner Retaining Tool
J-54402 Injector Puller
J-54403 Timing Chain Cover Assembly Guide Pins. 2/Kit
J-54404 Timing Pin, Nylon
J-54405 Rear Crankshaft Seal Installer
J-54406 Front Crankshaft Seal Installer
J-54408 Camshaft Sprocket Retaining Tool
J-54409 Camshaft Timing Fixture
J-54411 Fuel Pump Removal Tool
J-54412 Oil Switch T Adapter
J-54413 Oil Cooler Test Adapter
J-54414 EGR Cooler Pressure test kit
J-54415 Compression Test Adapter, 2 per kit
J-54416 Compucheck quick-connect coupling
J-54417 Compucheck Fitting, Male, With Handle
J-51881 Transmission, Neutral Safety Switch Adjustment Tool