Antenna Simulator Kit

USD $559.93



The J-51782 Antenna Diagnostic Kit is being released for use during service procedures on GPS, AM/FM, Satellite Radio, and other applications. The kit can be utilized to isolate the faulty component. This helps to minimize secondary issues that can result from intrusive and complex component replacements. Reference the service information for additional instructions on the diagnostic use cases.


Kit Components

J-51782-1 Satellite Radio Antenna with Magnetic Base with Adapter
J-51782-2 GPS I 9M Antenna with Magnetic Base and Adapter
J-51782-3 GPS II 7M Antenna with Magnetic Base and Adapter
J-51782-4 AM/FM Antenna Magnetic Base with Adapter
J-51782-5 AM/FM Radio Antenna
J-51782-6 AM/FM Radio Adapter 1A
J-51782-7 Jack Pinout Adapter
J-51782-8 Plug Pinout Adapter
J-51782-9 AM/FM Adapter 1
J-51782-10 Plug Load Test Adapter
J-51782-11 Jack Load Test Adapter