R1234YF RRR Service Kit - Essential

USD $6,608.58


Bosch Automotive Service Solutions

Essential Tool

This machine meets Nissan/Infiniti Essential Tool requirements for servicing R1234YF vehicles. 


The J-52405 Recovery, Recycle and Recharge (RRR) AC Service kit is required to service 1234YF refrigerant systems. Included are a J2844 compliant AC service machine, LD 020 dual mode refrigerant leak detector, a 18465 manual PAG oil dye injector, and a tri-lingual User Guide. Be sure to refer to the User Guide, service procedures, and related service bulletins for proper set-up, usage instructions, and service information.

R1234YF refrigerant is required to set up and initialize the J-52405 R1234YF AC service machine.