12,000 lb. Drive-On Space-Saver Alignment Rack, 179" Wheel Base

USD $22,824.00

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12,000 lb. Alignment Rack; exclusive Y-space provides additional room to work than traditional scissor lifts; patented design; goes straight up and down -- no forward swing; multiple settings in radius gauge pockets; long slip plates accommodate 4-wheel alignment range of 71" to 158"; ramp chock rollers allow smooth operation and have non-skid coating; includes two 6,000 lb. rolling jacks, portable work step, internal air connection, filter/regulator/lubricator and turnplate filler kit.



  • Y-space allows straight up and down movement, 20% more work space under lift
  • Side access when vehicle is on lift
  • Maximized speed-of-rise, most vehicles at full rise in 37 seconds
  • 4-wheel alignment range of 71-1/2" to 158"
  • Low-profile ramps/chocks with smooth-operating rollers
  • Non-skid runways prevent tires from slipping or slip hazzard for techs
  • Radius gauge pockets are 2" deep with multiple optional settings
  • Flush-mounting is possible
  • Standard colors are blue, red, black, grey, yellow



ALI Certified Yes
Max Wheel Base 179-1/2 inch
Above ground or inground Above-ground
Weight approx. 2,750 lbs
Power supply 230/60/30 V/Hz/A
Dimensions (L x W x H) 260 x 88 x 11-3/16 inch



39-Y12 12,000 lb. Drive-On Space-Saver General Service Rack $14,690.00 Add to cart
39-Y12 FM 12,000 lb. Drive-On Space Saver General Service with Flush Mount Ramps $15,267.00 Add to cart



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39-S130205 Stainless steel radius gauges $663.00 Add to cart
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