Kit -- WinAlign/RAM/CodeLink Upgrade


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Upgrades 811B series aligners. Integrated steering angle sensor reset.




  • Upgrades 811 series Hunter Aligners to include CodeLink. Includes CodeLink®, RAM upgrade, and XF2 pod.
  • CodeLink's patented integration "links" the vehicle OBD-II system to the aligner to measure SAS position and reset the sensor referenced to the vehicle’s alignment geometry.
  • Automatically identifies candidate vehicles.
  • Incorporates reset steps into the alignment.
  • Uses aligner screen to display instructions.
  • Comes standard with system -- no extra costs for expensive diagnostic scan tools.
  • Updates automatically with system software upgrades.
  • Dedicated alignment tool.
  • Printed documentation confirms that steering system reset was completed properly.



Weight approx. 6 lbs