ERGOBUDDY Therapy Platform Ergo Comfort Arch Anti-fatigue Footwear insole

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Johnson Technologies Corporation

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A therapeutic designed shoe insole combined with anatomical arch support. Promotes comfort, alingment, stability and amazing resiliency. Patented ergosert technology is laboratory certified to have the same ergonomic properties as premium industrial anti-fatigue matting. Ergosert material is lightweight and durable, it does not harden like PVC foam, does not break down like latex foam or take a compression set like EVA foam. Two to three times the lifespan as other leading brand insoles. Fit-vesatile to most footwear. *For people who regularly wear an arch support. Sizing is based on whole shoe sizes and product can be trimmed at the toe area if needed.





  • Featuring Full length pre-tuned ergosert technology based on a scientific PSI ERGO Factor, weight and foot size formula
  • Ergosert technology absorbs and deflects physiological stress and shock loads preserving the bodies bones, muscles, joints, and tendons.
  • Air flow vents are molded into the shape of the arch to help move warm air out and draw cooler air in
  • Anti-Blister top cover keeps feet cooler, drier, and less prone to blisters. The Microzap antimicrobial in the top cover helps keep the insole top oder free.
  • Vesatile Fit & Use ERGOBUDDY insoles will fit boots, hiking, casual, and athletic shoes. They are performance insoles to be used all day for standing, walking, or running.