ERGOBUDDY Therapy Platforms Ergo Comfort Anti-Fatigue footwear Insoles

USD $35.00


Johnson Technologies Corporation

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Featuring full length pre-tuned ergosert technology which is laboratory certified to have the same ergonomic properties as premium anti-fatigue matting. Increadible comfort, durability and versatility. High resiliency comfort. Fit-versatile to most footwear including low profile dress shoes. Also fits over & under any custom made orthotic. Sizing is based on whole shoe sizes and the the toes can be trimmed with scissors to fit.





  • Ergosert technology is therapeutically designed to increase comfort, resiliency and circulation in static and rythmic activities.
  • Ergonomic pre-tuned cushioning is based on a scientific PSI ergo factor, weight and foot size formula.
  • Anti-Blister top Cover controlls the ammount the foot slides across the insoles surface, the anti-blister top cover helps prevent blisters and keeps feet cooler and drier.
  • The Microzap antimicrobial in the top cover helps keep the insole top oder free.
  • Full length ergosert technology layer provides industry leading cushioning, force deflection and shock absorption to fight fatigue and discomfort with 2-3 times the lifespan of other leading brands of insoles.