Multi-Coolant Exchanger

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Multi-coolant exchanger is fast and easy to use. Push/pull design allows for complete change of all coolant with the engine off. Operates off of the vehicle's 12 volt electrical system. Unit is shipped with two 7.5 gal. fresh coolant tanks to allow for use with Dex Cool or glycol without cross-contamination and a 15 gal. used-coolant tank.





  • Quick-connect dry break couplers on new and used coolant tanks.
  • Large easy-to-read pressure and vacuum gauges.
  • Easy-to-use process switches.
  • Set-up and training included.



Weight approx. 170 lbs
Power supply 12 V/Hz/A
Dimensions (L x W x H) 28 x 22 x 48 inch