BFX-2 - Brake Flush System

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BFX-2 exchanges brake fluid and removes harmful air from brake systems. Simple 3-step process removes old fluid from master cylinder and replaces it with new fluid. Then automatically performs OEM-specified sequential wheel end bleeding procedure. Full set of master cylinder adapters fit most domestic and import vehicles and allow for the complete service in about 10 minutes.



  • Features a quick, unique 3-step push/pull process to ensure optimal fluid exchange.
  • Eliminates system contamination/purges harmful air simultaneously.
  • Isolates each wheel end and performs OEM-recommended bleeding sequences.
  • Universal master cylinder adapters with quick-reference guide for easy hook-up.
  • Includes pistol wand for convenient master cylinder fill.
  • Automatic machine shut-off with warning light when new fluid tank is empty/used tank is full.
  • User-friendly operation.



Weight approx. 194 lbs
Power supply 12 V/Hz/A
Dimensions (L x W x H) 20 x 22 x 49 inch