Freedom Lite™ 30 Cordless and Rechargeable Troublelight

USD $101.00


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The Freedom-Lite™ is designed to eliminate the need for a corded light. Now three times brighter, with new and advanced technology providing a super-bright and clean white light. The cordless and rechargeable Freedom-Lite's durable and slim design allows for easy access to tight places. There's no cord to tangle or snag and the Freedom-Lite has an impact-resistant polycarbonate tube with non-slip handle.



  • Rechargeable -- one hour recharge time provides up to 10 hours of continuous operation.
  • Nickel Metal Hydride battery allows charging at any time.
  • 30 super-bright, long-life LEDs provide forward-directed pure white light; LEDs produce very little heat, therefore eliminating the possibility of burns to the technician or vehicle components during continuous use.
  • Swivel hook design allows the light to be positioned in any direction.
  • Quick charger -- includes LED charge indicator and switches to trickle charge automatically when the light is fully charged.