30 Gal. Hand Operated Portable Fuel Tanker

USD $2,200.00


WIS Associates/Tempo Products

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A convenience and safety necessity when fuel or hazardous solvents are being handled in your dealership. Drains, filters, stores and refills fuel tanks (leaded, unleaded or diesel) during repair operation on tanks, fuel gauges and other body work.



  • Easier because it is a one-man, portable tank that can be rolled to the job.
  • Safer because it eliminates open storage and reduces fumes, cutting fire hazard to a minimum.
  • Rapid operation saves time and labor.
  • <b>Pump rate: </b>1 gallon per 5 strokes.



Weight approx. 125 lbs
Dimensions (L x W x H) 28 x 27 x 34 inch



155-993200 30-gal Air Pumped Fuel Tanker $3,525.00 Add to cart



155-993213 Adapter Hose for greater reach, 3/8 inch O.D. x 5 feet $63.00 Add to cart