OTC Professional Memory Saver

USD $106.00

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An effective solution for saving vehicle data. Saves the vehicle's on-board diagnostic memory and other on-board memory components such as anti-theft radios, digital clocks, radio presets, seats, mirrors, comfort settings, etc. when the vehicle's battery is removed or disconnected.



  • OBD II cable for fast connection to the vehicle.
  • Cigarette lighter adapter for use with vehicles that do not have an OBD II connector.
  • LED lights confirm circuit between the cigarette lighter/power outlet and the vehicle's battery.
  • State of charge indicator identifies when the memory saver needs to be plugged in for recharge.
  • Resettable fuse protects against excessive current draw through either the OBD II connector or the vehicle's cigarette lighter.
  • High capacity, rechargeable sealed lead acid battery for extended service between charges.
  • Power on/off switch.
  • One complete, durable compact unit.