Edge cut key cutting kit for Tri-Code HS

USD $1,431.00


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The new “Edge Cut Kit” offers the capability to duplicate or cut by code standard “edge cut” keys, while providing all of the exceptional features of the Tri-Code HS.

Kit includes: • “D” Clamp • Three, two-sided “Back Aligners” (key alignment inserts) • H158 Cutter • Tracer Point U113 (replaces U111 for all keys) • Decoder U113DC (replaces U113DC for all keys) • Z3 Templates for calibration • *Silca Wintransfer Program (CD Rom) • Instructions




  • Decode and copy.
  • Copy to original OEM specifications or copy by measured values.
  • Cut by OEM code (indirect code).
  • Cut by inserting known depths (direct code).
  • Innovative jaw design for easy and precise key positioning.
  • Screen prompts simplify clamp position and back aligner selection.
  • Fast key cutting cycle (less than one minute for both sides).
  • Carriage speed optimized (based on key material).
  • Electronic calibration of clamp (cutter does not require calibration) .