Mark 6™ Mobile Bench System - Base Frame with Lift

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The Mark 6™ is unmatched in adaptability and efficient use of floor space. The Mark 6™ Mobile System can be moved from workstation to workstation. It's designed around the idea that the more flexible a collision repair system is, the more productive it will be. The system can also be mounted onto an in-ground or surface mounted scissor lift.



  • 10-ton Draw Aligner offers nearly continuous adjustment with 11 degrees between each setting; the Draw Aligner makes the correct angle easy to find.
  • This increased adjustment capacity reduces the number of re-adjustments needed while pulling.
  • Mark 6's powerful Draw Aligner moves 360 degrees around the system and has a built-in height extension for making higher pulls, faster.
  • Finely milled steel frame provides a smooth, level surface for measuring equipment to rest on, resulting in to-the-millimeter accuracy.
  • Compatible with the EVO™ universal anchoring, holding and fixturing system. No need to rent fixtures.
  • Choose from several Car-O-Tronic™ measuring systems and you'll get precise vehicle information.



Power supply 220 3-phase / 50 or 110 1-phase / 60 V/Hz/A
Dimensions (L x W x H) 159 x 35 x 8 inch
Weight approx. 1,496 lbs
Max Weight Capacity 6,160 Lbs



200-33044 Bench Parts B106 and B310 $4,931.00 Add to cart
200-35829 ADAPTER KIT EVO FOR MARK 6 BENCH $1,041.00 Add to cart
200-909 ELECTRIC WINCH SA12000 AC $1,185.00 Add to cart



200-30176 Bench parts $3,914.00 Add to cart
200-30412 DrawLiner D16 Down Pull $449.00 Add to cart
200-30413 Down Pull for D91 $512.00 Add to cart
200-30531 Single Claw Hook T18 $74.00 Add to cart
200-30541 Accessories for Pulling Hook Kit T11 $655.00 Add to cart
200-30606 Mounting Plate B147 $207.00 Add to cart
200-30638 Mounting Plate Specialty Clamp B248 $340.00 Add to cart
200-30668 Distance 50mm B213 $151.00 Add to cart
200-30845 Chain Holder B631 $733.00 Add to cart
200-30866 Ram Support Kit $581.00 Add to cart
200-30872 Roll Stop/Loading Trolley $554.00 Add to cart
200-30948 Bench Parts B106/B39BR $4,612.00 Add to cart
200-30972 Rocker Panel Support $307.00 Add to cart
200-31040 Cable Guard $88.00 Add to cart
200-32334 Bench Parts B110 and B310 $6,884.00 Add to cart
200-32756 Power Unit $2,156.00 Add to cart
200-32856 Mounting Plate B264 $163.00 Add to cart
200-34429 Mark 6 Ramp Kit $4,382.00 Add to cart
200-35390 Torque Bar E175 $602.00 Add to cart
200-35395 E130 Chain Holder for EVO $244.00 Add to cart
200-36283 Tool Board for Trucks B73 $625.00 Add to cart
200-36440 GM TRUCK CLAMP ACCESSORY $291.00 Add to cart
200-41303 CAB ON COMPLETE FRAME KIT E390 $20,520.00 Add to cart
200-46839 Power Unit 220 volt $3,623.00 Add to cart
200-90001 Assembled Connector for T604 $134.00 Add to cart
200-MC42530 TOOL BOARD NO. 10 WITH TOOLS $4,568.00 Add to cart