Speed™ Frame and Lift with Lift Arms

USD $10,980.00


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Speed™ is our most compact lift-based repair system suitable for vehicles with cosmetic body work. Easy to install and easy to use, this versatile lift platform allows you to make efficient use of space in your shop. Because there are no ramps or posts around the lift, accessibility is excellent, improving ergonomics to repair vehicles faster. Speed™ is ideal for a range of different tasks -- such as sheet metal work, assembly, disassembly, door adjustments, sanding, masking and other preparations for painting. All this, and with the added capacity for light pulls using the optional draw aligner.



  • Designed for cosmetic damage repair and other light service and repair work.
  • Small footprint makes it the perfect addition to any repair or service shop.
  • The entire job can be completed using just one bench, shortening cycle times.
  • Vehicles can be easily driven over the platform due to the low profile height of 4". Quick set-up times.
  • 5-ton pulling capacity with the optional drawer aligner. It is adjustable and self-locking and offers 360 degrees of multi-angle pulling.
  • The drawer aligner is attached to only one end of rack. Speed Plus™ can accomodate drawer aligners on both ends.
  • Flexible installation either above ground or recessed into the floor.
  • Choose from several Car-O-Tronic™ measuring systems and you'll get precise vehicle information.



Power supply 220 3-phase / 50 or 110 1-phase / 60 V/Hz/A
Dimensions (L x W x H) 99 x 30 x 4 inch
Weight approx. 1,100 lbs
Max Weight Capacity 5,500 Lbs



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200-32023 Speed Measuring Bridge 3 $3,146.00 Add to cart
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