BenchRack™ 5500 Series

USD $19,228.00


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BenchRack™ systems are designed to hold and lift virtually any type of unibody or full-frame vehicle. Small cars to light trucks, vans and SUVs can be repaired in your shop. You can lift the vehicle when loaded on the ramps or on chassis pads, allowing access to the wheels and wheel-wells. You can avoid interruptions from moving a vehicle between different work stations like for: disassembly, panel alignment and welding. BenchRack's versatility allows for all the work to be performed at one station, increasing productivity, saving time and money.



  • Universal solution for cars, vans, light trucks and SUVs.
  • BenchRack™ models come with a scissor lift with tilt feature, making loading easier when approach space is limited.
  • Machine-milled platform surface for precision repairs.
  • Integrated lift allows technicians to work at their most comfortable height.
  • Powerful 10-ton draw aligner pulls from any angle, 360 degrees around the vehicle.
  • Removable ramps allow better access to the vehicle.
  • Flexible installation, either surface mounted with drive-on ramps or in-ground.
  • Compatible with the EVO™ universal anchoring, holding and fixturing system. No need to rent fixtures.
  • Choose from several Car-O-Tronic™ measuring systems and you'll get precise vehicle information.



Max Weight Capacity 9,200 Lbs
Weight approx. 2,800 lbs
Power supply 220 3-phase / 50 or 110 1-phase / 60 V/Hz/A
Dimensions (L x W x H) 216 x 46 x 15 inch



200-35891 Truck Clamping B730 $10,500.00 Add to cart
200-35892 BenchRack Mounting Kit B340BR $2,476.00 Add to cart
200-36424 Classic Measuring Slide $20,218.00 Add to cart
200-909 ELECTRIC WINCH SA12000 AC $1,185.00 Add to cart



200-30412 DrawLiner D16 Down Pull $449.00 Add to cart
200-30413 Down Pull for D91 $512.00 Add to cart
200-305 Selson 2 Ton Air Jack (3 Bags) $987.00 Add to cart
200-30531 Single Claw Hook T18 $74.00 Add to cart
200-30541 Accessories for Pulling Hook Kit T11 $655.00 Add to cart
200-30606 Mounting Plate B147 $207.00 Add to cart
200-30638 Mounting Plate Specialty Clamp B248 $340.00 Add to cart
200-30668 Distance 50mm B213 $151.00 Add to cart
200-30845 Chain Holder B631 $733.00 Add to cart
200-30866 Ram Support Kit $581.00 Add to cart
200-30872 Roll Stop/Loading Trolley $554.00 Add to cart
200-30948 Bench Parts B106/B39BR $4,612.00 Add to cart
200-30972 Rocker Panel Support $307.00 Add to cart
200-31040 Cable Guard $88.00 Add to cart
200-32333 BenchRack Bench Parts B110/B39BR $4,992.00 Add to cart
200-32756 Power Unit $2,156.00 Add to cart
200-32856 Mounting Plate B264 $163.00 Add to cart
200-34014 Pillar Jack Kit $1,650.00 Add to cart
200-34638 Pulling Hook Kit T10 - Universal Clamp System $1,009.00 Add to cart
200-35390 Torque Bar E175 $602.00 Add to cart
200-35395 E130 Chain Holder for EVO $244.00 Add to cart
200-36283 Tool Board for Trucks B73 $625.00 Add to cart
200-36440 GM TRUCK CLAMP ACCESSORY $291.00 Add to cart
200-41303 CAB ON COMPLETE FRAME KIT E390 $20,520.00 Add to cart
200-46839 Power Unit 220 volt $3,623.00 Add to cart
200-90001 Assembled Connector for T604 $134.00 Add to cart
200-MC42530 TOOL BOARD NO. 10 WITH TOOLS $4,568.00 Add to cart