92 Lathe with 2192 four post trolley

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The PFM92 comes complete with Speed Lock cutting head. This feature allows the technician to shave up to a minute more off the already incredibly fast process time of Pro-Cut PFM lathes by eliminating the need for hand tools during set up. Sound easy? You bet! In as little as 7 minutes per rotor, your techs will be matching and re-finishing rotors with the highest degree of accuracy available today. Upgrade your DRO lathe to the "SMART" cutting head. G2X turns the lathe cutting head into a live micrometer with rotor thickness shown in inches or millimeters on the LED display. 1) Live Rotor Thickness Measuring. 2) All New! SMART Cutting Head. 38-50-1360* GYR/Upgrade Scanner captures specs for each rotor while the GYR application directs the technician through the brake job, insuring that specs are met every time. Finished brake job data is saved to the computer. 1) Rotor Specs for Every VIN. 2) Computer Directed In-spec Repair. 3) Instant Repair Reports. 4) All History Stored. NOTE: G2X Upgrade package includes 38-50-1200UPG cutting head, linear transducer, g.p.m. module/computer board and cables. GYR Upgrade package includes the command center touch screen tablet, scanner, vehicle VIN and rotor data and GYR application. * The GYR Upgrade package REQUIRES THE G2X Upgrade package.





38-50-1200UPG G2X Lite Upgrade Package $1,495.00 Add to cart
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38-50-492GT Dual Wheel Adapter Kit $789.00 Add to cart
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