PRO SPOT Weld Drill

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The Pro Spot Weld Drill is used to drill out spot welds so that the panels can be separated while leaving one side intact. The Weld Drill uses carbide drill bits that can be safely used on today's high-strength steels – including boron.



  • Two Stage Start: The Two-Stage Start prolongs the life of the bits by eliminating the inward collision of the bit against the metal while spinning.
  • Two-Flute Bits: The Two-Flute Bits are another key feature of this drill. By utilizing two flutes instead of three flutes, each flute on the bit is thicker and stronger. This design makes them last much longer.
  • With the carbide bits, you will be able to drill through the harder metals found on today’s vehicles.
  • A unique PVD coating applied which is increasing the hardness to 3000 Vickers (HV).
  • Temperature resistant up to 1100 degrees C.



Weight approx. 8 lbs
Dimensions (L x W x H) 15.5 x 12.5 x 5 inch



186-50-0008 8mm Carbide drill bit for Pro Spot Weld Drill $119.00 Add to cart
186-50-0010 10mm Carbide Drill bit for Pro Spot Weld Drill $135.00 Add to cart