PRO SPOT Hot Staple Welder

USD $695.00


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The HSW-200 Hot Staple Welder is used for welding cracked or broken plastic parts. It comes with six different types of staples that can be positioned three different ways to fit various applications. It's especially useful for repairing the many plastic parts on today's vehicles. Repair, don't replace.





  • The HSW-200 can be used with any outlet between 110V and 240V, as well as with a 12V adapter (included).
  • Multiple styles of staples are available to fit the type of repair or shape of the plastic.
  • Staples can be loaded in the gun at three different angles, creating accessibility to hard to reach areas.
  • An accessory to the NP-3.



Power consumption 3A/1.05-0.55A kW
Power supply 12-15v / 110-240v V/Hz/A
Cable length (12v-12") (110-240v-12") inch
Weight approx. 5 lbs
Dimensions (L x W x H) 14 x 10 x 3.5 inch