LaserLock Live Mapping System

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Our top-of-the-line model equipped with all the features to make your shop more productive. Maps every selected structural point on a vehicle every 3 to 5 seconds in real time. The installed inclinometer on our LaserLock Scanner allows the system to be moved from a 2 Post Lift for Blueprinting to a Frame Rack for structural repair in minutes without complicated set-up. Secondary web-enabled monitor to run your estimating system or access your OEM repair procedures so the technician never has to leave the bay.

FREE LaserLock Cover (105-CK130052) and tripod for blueprinting (105-788248) with purchase of LaserLock 3D Measuring (105-788374) and Vehicle Specs (105-788925).



  • Easy to learn and use. Sets up in as little as 10 minutes.
  • Finds all the damage the first time for profitable estimates.
  • Printed documentation of damage before, during, and after repairs. DRP preferred and OEM approved..
  • Simultaneous Live Mapping of the entire vehicle.
  • Helps estimators "Blueprint" the vehicle and technicians repair it!
  • Improves workflow management and shortens cycle time...guaranteed
  • New Laser lock "Out of Level" capable scanner with ergonomic handle design.
  • E-Access Technical Support.
  • Complete with Upper Body Bar for Steering and Suspension mapping and repairs.



Cable length 360 inch
Weight approx. 425 lbs
Power supply 110 V/Hz/A
Dimensions (L x W x H) 26 x 38 x 65 inch



105-788551 LASERLOCK WHEEL ALIGNMENT COMBO $48,388.00 Add to cart



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105-702210 Rear Wheel Tracking Gauge $1,127.00 Add to cart
105-788248 Scanner Tripod $643.00 Add to cart
105-788522 Alignment Upgrade Kit $20,180.00 Add to cart
105-788925 Vehicle Specification Data $1,272.00 Add to cart
105-CK130052 LaserLock Cover $295.00 Add to cart