FAST Anchoring with Cart Mount

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When used with Universal Anchoring System stands, this system anchors the majority of today's pickup trucks, sport utility vehicles and full frame cars. The design of this equipment permits the positioning of anchoring stands further outboard for broader measuring purposes. The application of F.A.S.T. components depends upon the vehicle's structural design and the pulling or holding required. Components either allow or prevent rail movement. The system's long crossbars can be rotated to match the slope of any attachment or frame rail. For any given vehicle, there may be several ways to secure the corners of the center section.



  • Now available on a roll-around cart.
  • Easier storage and accessibility.
  • Gain mobility by mounting board to sturdy tool cart.



Weight approx. 325 lbs
Dimensions (L x W x H) 70 x 36 x 36 inch



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