4 Producer Total - (2 SwingAir + 2 Fixed Side) Integrated Dryer- ICON

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The PDQ 4 Producer Integrated Dryer takes all of the features of the stand alone system and tightly integrates them into the bridge or gantry of the car wash. The system incorporates motion in the center two producers used to help push water off of the vehicles top surface, allowing the two outside producers to focus on pushing water off the sides of the vehicle.



  • Touch-free dryer. Driest car possible in all climates.
  • Four 7.5hp motors (30hp total).
  • Completely integrated into bridge or gantry - ideal for smaller bays.
  • Oscillating feature to sweep water from the surface of the vehicle.
  • 32" wider drying envelope with repositioned outside producers.
  • Better drying on sides of vehicles with inward-angled outside producers.



Power supply 208V 60Hz 3 Phase V/Hz/A



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