Presenting OTC Encore, the first integrated diagnostics tablet powered by Android that kicks on in 15 seconds, boasts 30 years of coverage, includes an onboard battery -- all at a technician's price point. Merge your diagnostics with your mobile life. The Encore doesn't stray from its roots as an OTC diagnostics tool. OTC took the strengths of our diagnostics programs and merged them with the Android system to provide not only a tool -- but a tablet -- that understands the technician's mobile life. o Alert technicians to on-tool or web-based repair information including Identifix Direct-Hit o Full scan functionality, including OEM Domestic, Asian and European, bi-directional controls and enhanced data o Perform a Google search right within a diagnostic session 30 Years of Unmatched Coverage 30 million experience-based repair solutions! No other tool has embedded Identifix assets available during every type of repair, including Code-Assist , Symptom-Assist and Repair-Trac .



  • 1 Touch AutoID -- Automatically detects CAN vehicles 2005 or newer to quickly set up year, make, model and engine all in one tap.
  • 1 Touch DTCs -- Tap to get codes with access to millions of confirmed experience-based fixes
  • Onboard Battery -- Technicians asked. OTC listened. Avoid reentering the vehicle ID and losing data when you cycle the key.
  • Embedded Training Videos -- More than 70 videos show how to perform test procedures or functions in one minute or less.
  • Fast Touch Home Page -- Custom browser home page with access to popular technician forums right from Encore.
  • 7-inch capacitive touch screen; Boot up and get ready to rock in less than 15 seconds.
  • 30 million experience-based repair solutions! Embedded Identifix assets available during every type of repair, including Code-Assist�, Symptom-Assist� and Repair-Trac�.
  • Built-in WiFi and Bluetooth allows a technician to scan a vehicle while browsing popular online forums to research trouble codes, easily accessible via OTC�s Fast Touch home page.
  • Hardware: Battery Power, WiFi Wireless, Bluetooth Long Range Wireless, Headphone Jack, 7" High Resolution Touch Screen Display



Dimensions (L x W x H) 17.5 x 20.5 x 6.0 inch
Weight approx. 10.6 lbs