Eurovac “Rollout” Portable w/6” x 3m (10’) Arm

USD $6,102.00


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Eurovac’s Portable Filtering Unit RollOut is designed to exhaust and filter dry impurities. A highly efficient filtering cartridge makes it possible to use everywhere for processes such as welding, grinding, polishing, cutting of metals and plastics and much more. The housing of The RollOut is manufactured of welded steel sheet. It is completely painted with polyester-epoxy powder paint. Inside there is an aluminium mesh (prefilter), which protects the cartridge from sparks and prefilters the air. Next there is main cartridge filter eliminating dust to 99% of all particles greater than .5 microns and a final carbon after-filter at the outlet. The cartridge filter is cleaned with a compressed air system which is located inside the cabinet (air tank with safety valve, pneumatic pulse valve). Cleaning is started with a palm button (manually controlled cleaning) and should be performed each time the airflow decreases or at the end of a work day (depending on usage).




  • 3 Stage filtration
  • Stage 1: (1) Metal Mesh Filter
  • Stage 2: (1) Polyester Spun Bond Cartridge
  • Stage 3: (1) Carbon after filter
  • Eliminates dust to 99% of all particles greater than .5 micron in size
  • Manual pulse cleaning (option of timer controlled)
  • 69 dBa level @ 1m
  • The RollOut filtering unit is also equipped with a heavy duty Electrical on/off switch.
  • Large rear wheels mounted to the rear of the housing and swivel casters mounted to the front of the housing make easy for moving the unit to work area.



Cable length 180 inch
Weight approx. 250 lbs
Power supply 115/1/60 V/Hz/A
Power consumption .75 kW
Speed 3600 rpm
Dimensions (L x W x H) 35 x 30 x 55 inch