Quadriga ATC 1000 Fully-Automatic Tire Changer

USD $24,163.00


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The ATC 1000 is the industry’s first truly automatic tire changer. No other tire changer automatically measures tire diameter, uses imaging technology to precisely profile the wheel, automatically positions the tire for hydraulically-driven dual bead breaking, and uses precise motor controls to remove the tire from the wheel. Standard features include an integrated wheel lift to handle heavy lifting, a hydraulically-activated center clamp that safely clamps the wheel without the risk of damage associated with table-top machines. Smart Vision™ laser-guided bead-breaking and demounting tools completely eliminate tool-to-wheel contact for damage-free and worry-free tire and wheel handling. The ATC 1000 tire changer is the first tire industry application of laser imaging brought to you by the company that invented imaging technology for use with shop equipment. Relax...It’s Automatic!



  • Intelligent, front-mounted wheel lift effortlessly positions the tire on the turntable -- standard with tire changer.
  • Center-post hydraulic clamp quickly and effortlessly clamps at the center of the wheel, the strongest point
  • Smart Vision Wheel and Tire Profiling assures precise, worry-free tire removal and installation, and positions the bead breaker rollers and robotic bead removal tools accurately
  • No-contact upper and lower bead breaker discs smoothly and effortlessly roll the bead off the wheel, unlike shovel-styled bead breakers
  • Leverless no-contact mount/demount tools are automatically positioned safely and precisely via patented imaging technology - eliminating damage caused by tool-to-wheel contact
  • Do No Harm Grade Equipment - Handling today's alloy and composite wheels are a critical part of the overall customer satisfaction experience. John Bean has designed the ATC 1000 tire changer to "Do No Harm" when handling expensive wheels and tires.
  • Topside inflation



Wheel weight, max. 154 lbs
Weight approx. 2050 lbs
Rim diameter 10 - 30 inch
Rim width 17" maximum inch
Color Black
Power supply 230V, 1Ph, 60HZ V/Hz/A
Dimensions (L x W x H) 51 x 73 x89 inch
Tire diameter 47" maximum inch