Mobile MW750 Manual Winch Pallet Stacker

USD $1,466.00


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The Mobile Winch Stacker is designed to handle all types of applications such as lifting and transporting skids, bales, baskets, etc.; stocking shelves; die and mold handling; and can handle all sizes of pallets due to the Adjustable Straddle Legs. It is best suited for loading and unloading trucks where loading docks do not exist. Engineered for smooth performance and exceptional durability, the MW750 features an easy to operate winch with an automatic braking system, a safety cage and a floor brake. Combining winch lift with easy to manage manual push, the MW750 provides a safe ergonomic alternative to fork lift trucks at a fraction of the cost, is easy to use, needs no special training to operate, requires a minimum of maintenance and is particularly useful for maneuvering in tight or congested areas.





  • Rugged heavy duty frame constructed of formed and welded steel for extra strength.
  • Fabricated with channel steel for greater strength and dependability. Open structure design complete with safety cage offers greater visibility.
  • Mobile uses heavy duty #4 cable for safe load lifting.
  • Heavy duty steel 1.5" deep X 3" wide X 42" long adjustable forks.
  • The straddle legs offer complete versatility by adjusting from 34" to 50" I.D.
  • Features a heavy duty winch with an automatic braking system to safely lift and hold loads at preferred heights.
  • Features two 4" Phenolic swivel casters for easy maneuverability in tight areas.
  • Features two 4" phenolic wheels with roller bearings.
  • Features a foot operated floor lock brake that secures the unit in place.