3" Clear Revolution Dust Shroud for High Speed Grinders

USD $129.00


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When dust collection is important, the Clear Revolution shrouds provide excellent capture of dust from high speed grinders. Made of crystal clear Lexan, the same material as aerospace cockpits, NASCAR windshields, and space helmets, the Clear Revolution Shrouds are virtually indestructible. The Shroud does not obscure the working edges of the abrasive discs, allowing users to easily see the work surface. The Clear Revolution Shroud attaches to any grinder with a 1/4" collet, and collects 99% of airborne dust and debris.



  • Collects 99% of airborne dust.
  • Ideal for controlling grinding dust between aluminum and steel repair areas.
  • Works with the grinders you already own - no modifications required.
  • Shroud does not obscure visibility.
  • Patented design maximizes dust capture.
  • Connects to industry standard 1" ID Vacuum hoses.
  • Recommended tool speed: 12,000 RPM, Max tool speed 20,000 RPM.
  • Each shroud includes mandrel, pad, 2' hose whip, and swivel adapter.
  • Works with conventional quick change abrasives or ventilated abrasives.