REVO Speed

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GFS REVO Infrared (IR) Systems were developed to meet the demand for faster repairs. By utilizing short-wave electric infrared technology, GFS REVO IR Systems significantly decrease the overall repair cycle time, allowing you to get more repairs through your shop in less time. Several models are available for full vehicle or spot repairs. REVO SPEED GFS’ semi-automated REVO Speed is designed for fast, hassle-free repairs. Dry a large surface area on multiple panels with no need to reposition it! Once set in place, the semi-automatic system will automatically move according to the parameters previously set by the user. Fast positioning makes the REVO Speed especially suited for body shops that perform large volumes of small repairs on one to four panels.GFS REVO SPEED COST SAVING CHART GFS REVO Systems use at least 80% short-wave electric infrared technology. As opposed to IR technology of the past (which was primarily medium and long-wave infrared), short-wave infrared technology allows the material to dry from the inside out. This ensures complete evaporation of the volatile components for more sturdy, longer-lasting repair.



Weight approx. 300 lbs
Power supply 400/30/50 V/Hz/A
Power consumption 30 kW