Diagnostic Fast Charger with Cart

USD $3,917.00


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If your shop needs an additional diagnostic station, NOW is the time to buy! A required tool for Warranty Service on Nissan vehicles! This all-in-one portable battery diagnostic station offers intelligent, controlled, and rapid charging combined with battery state-of-health analysis. Routine maintenance checks are performed quickly and efficiently by identifying batteries nearing the end of their useful life before they fail out on the road. THIS TOOL CAN BE USED FOR WARRANTY PURPOSES.



  • Diagnostic Charging Mode -- quickly and efficiently assesses the condition of the battery and charges the good ones.
  • Power Supply Mode -- maintains the battery state-of-charge during vehicle reflash programming.
  • Jump-Start Mode -- 250 amp automated jump start routing.
  • Manual Mode.



165-107-820A Mounting Bracket for GR8 $14.00 Add to cart
165-A018 AMP Clamp $261.00 Add to cart
165-A095 Printer Paper (6-rolls) $18.00 Add to cart
165-A128 GR8 Control Module Update Cable; USB to Mini-USB $14.00 Add to cart
165-A129 Replacement Charging Cable Set $195.00 Add to cart
165-A136 Universal DB9 Cable $16.00 Add to cart
165-A141 Printer for GR8 $298.00 Add to cart
165-A152 10 ft replacement lead w/SM clamp $86.00 Add to cart
165-A224 Plastic Printer Roller Replacement $29.00 Add to cart
165-A303 Fuse Cable $30.00 Add to cart