Blind Panel Removal Wedge

USD $35.00


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Being able to release upper door panels can save a lot of time in the repair process. Use the 16-2481 Blind Panel release tool from OTC to get the job done. Insert behind inside panel and slide up to release points where the wedge or gentle prying helps the panel come free. The OTC 16-2481 Blind Panel Release Tool is like having an extra hand for door components - also great for sun/moon roof and headliner repair and will make your job much easier.



  • Durable non-marring Synthetic Construction.
  • Tool is designed to reach behind panels to release points.
  • Perfect for inside door panels.
  • Can double as a gentle prying tool.
  • Lifetime Warranty!
  • Product Dimensions: 24 × 1.3 × 1 in.
  • Product Weight: 0.8 lb.