Spot Weld Breaker

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Replacing or reskinning body panels or frame sectioning is the name of the game for modern collision repair, and you'll want the 2470 Spot Weld Breaker from OTC within easy reach. Inserted between seams or panels after the spot welds are drilled out and tapped through remaining adhesives to completely free panel sections. Treated steel shank with extremely thin half-round cutting edge finishes the separation process - stores in the handle for safety. Designed for firm, but smooth travel - ensures full control of the work piece. A simple cross guard protects your hold at all times. Return to safe storage position when task is complete. Use what the pros use - get the OTC 2470 Spot Weld Breaker today!



  • Extremely thin (3/32") specialty tool; 12" length
  • Half round cutting edge - stores in handle
  • Tap with a hammer to slice through remaining metal or adhesive after spot welds are drilled out
  • Edge can be grinded by hand
  • Lifetime Warranty!
  • Product Dimensions: 12 in X 3.5 in X 3.5 in
  • Product Weight: 0.9 lb