Globaljig Quick Pull Repair System

USD $17,750.00


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With a lowered height of 4 inches off the floor, Quick Pull does not need access ramps or side runners, making it the perfect in-stall lift. Simply drive over the platform, swing the lift arms out and raise the vehicle to the optimum working height for the task being done. When the job requires a light or medium pull, Quick Pull's 5-ton pulling arm is there to do the job, keeping sheet metal and other light-duty pulling operations in the stall and off the frame bench.



  • Four lifting pads.
  • Four Sill Clamps and supports.
  • Four Height extensions.
  • Five-ton pulling tower with clain, foot pump, clamp and safety cable.
  • Drive-over bench for light to medium pulls.
  • Four-inch drive-over clearance.
  • 4.5' rise.



Cable length 312 inch
Max Weight Capacity 5,500 Lbs
Weight approx. 2,314 lbs
Power supply 220 / 60 / 20 V/Hz/A
Dimensions (L x W x H) 103 x 38 x 4 inch