X9 Rotor Matching System

USD $12,278.00

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New High Performance Expandable Platform. The PFM X9 combines our best existing technologies, like patented PFM one button computerized compensation system and 4 wheel-4 axis fully adjustable trolley, and marries them with a sporty new X-Frame lathe chassis, gib-less low maintenance gearbox, powerful high torque drivetrain, and super bright 6 LED light to give you a clear path to higher profits! X9s are digitally expandable to optional G2X and GYR systems. 38-X9-6ADP includes: X9 lathe, 50-6ADP six adapters and 50-ACC Accessory kit.





  • Pro-Cut X9 on-car brake lathe - DRO computer box (accepts G2X/GYR upgrades).
  • Speed-Lock cutting head Fixed post trolley.
  • Adapter packages available from 3 lug cars to Medium Duty trucks.
  • All accessories including silencer and cutting bits.
  • On-site installation and training.
  • Working Height Range 21"-43"
  • Speed Lock Cutting Head (Standard).
  • Maximum Rotor Thickness 1.75" - Minimum Rotor Thickness 0.2" Maximum Rotor
  • Motor 1.0 HP



Weight approx. 108 / Shipping Weight 240 lbs
Power supply 110v / 1ph V/Hz/A