Level 2 Fleet Charging Bundle (Service Bay)

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The CPF25 Series is the latest generation of ChargePoint stations designed for select fleet and depot charging, ideal for the service bay at your dealership. Easily manage your electric vehicle fleet and charging stations, all in one place. Get real-time information on your charging stations and usage – know which vehicles are plugged in, fully charged and ready for service. The CPF25 models are Level 2 charging stations that can add up to 25 RPH (miles of range per hour) and are capable of charging some EVs in less than four hours. The stations come with a standard SAE J1772TM connector that can charge any EV on the road. Intelligent energy management capabilities can lower both installation and energy costs. Capabilities such as scheduled charging can reduce monthly operating costs, and panel sharing can help you charge more cars while avoiding expensive electrical upgrades. You can keep cords off the ground and avoid trip hazards with our self-retracting, maintenance-free cord management system. Level 2 Fleet Charging Bundle Items include: – CPF25-L18-CMK6 (Level 2 Single Wall Mount Charger, 18-foot cable, 6 foot CMK)- Qty 1 – CPCLD-FLEET-1 (1 Yr. Prepay Cloud Service)- Qty 1 – CPF-ASSURE (1 Year Parts and On-Site Labor to repair or replace any manufacturing defect. Includes remote monitoring of station and proactive repair dispatch. Guaranteed 98% Uptime and 1 business day response) - Qty 1 – CPF-ACTIVE (Activation of cloud services and configuration of radio groups, custom groups, connections, access control, visibility control, pricing, reports and alerts) – CPF-SITEVALID (On-Site Validation of electrical capacity, transformers, panels, breakers, wiring, cellular coverage and that station installation meets all ChargePoint published requirements. Successful Site Validation is required to active CPF-ASSURE) - Qty 1



  • Dedicated station owner support
  • Parts and on-site labor maintenance
  • Get detailed reports on energy usage, fuel savings, greenhouse gases avoided and more
  • Allows you to plug in vehicles and schedule stations to start charging during off-peak hours when electricity rates are the lowest
  • Stations are rugged, built to withstand the elements
  • UL listed, meeting the stringent requirements of the nation’s leading safety standards organization
  • Clean Cord Technology - Ultra-reliable gravity-operated mechanism
  • Flexible over entire -40°C to +60°C (-40°F to +122°F) product temperature range
  • Allows dynamic sharing of one 40A circuit between two parking spaces