Syngery Meter Solenoid Valve Kit for Oil/Anti-freeze

USD $346.00


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Synergy Fluid Inventory Control system controls up to 255 dispense points with total simultaneous dispense capability. Synergy high precision meter modules include pulse meter, and solenoid valve. (Balcrank recommends the use of a Y-Strainer on the dispense side of the pump.)



  • 725 PSI (50 bar)
  • 1/2 NPT (M/M)
  • Unlimited number of fluids including oil, grease, DEF, windsheild wash fluid and anti-freeze
  • Synergy brings you real-time information and seamless communication without interruption, interfacing with DMS software.
  • Typical applications include, large dealerships, heavy-duty fleet/truck/bus facilities, industrial, mining and construction.



Power supply 24 VDC V/Hz/A