Synergo II Industrial - Ergonomical Chair

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The Synergo II 24h ergonomic chair reduces muscular effort by promoting correct body alignment and work posture. Multiple adjustments provide optimal comfort at work. The curved backrest adapts to the worker’s body shape and the reinforced structure gives it a unique look. Ideal for use over long periods or for shift work. Suitable for many industrial, commercial and office applications. 24h workstations must meet the comfort requirements of various workers of different sizes. This chair promotes muscle and joint mobility for comfort during long work periods. The quality and durability of this product increase worker concentration and performance.



  • Multiple seat adjustments promote comfort and ergonomics (angle, height, depth)
  • Backrest height and angle adjustments for optimal lumbar support
  • Armrest adjustments ensure proper upper limb positioning (width, height, depth)
  • The backrest is made up of three parts; the shape provides back and lumbar support