Auto Tether

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Weego Auto Tether lets you jump start a dead battery in less than half the time. It provides easy access to the battery terminals for the ultimate convenience. An SAE adapter is included for trickle charging; simply attach it to the Auto Tether. Weego Auto Tether is not only perfect for cars and trucks but also for boats where batteries are often deep in the bilge area. Works with Weego Standard Jump Starter Battery+ and Weego Heavy Duty Jump Starter Battery+. So easy to use: 1. Attach 10 mm eyelet rings to vehicle's battery terminals. 2. Connect SAE adapter with weather-resistant cap to other end. 3. Trickle charge vehicle using your own trickle charger or remove SAE adapter to jump start vehicle with Weego jump starter.



  • 24" cable lead for maximum reach to vehicle's battery terminals.
  • 10 mm eyelet rings fit most auto, truck and marine battery terminals.
  • 400A fuse and diode protections built in to ensure your safety.
  • SAE adapter cable included for trickle charging with your own trickle charger. *
  • Crazy long 18-month warranty.
  • * Note: You cannot use your Weego Jump Starter to trickle charge; you need a separate trickle charging device



Weight approx. 0.3 lbs
Dimensions (L x W x H) 5.5" x 1" x 10.5" inch