Vision II Pro Headlight Aimer/Aligner

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The Vision II Pro™ Image Processing Headlight Aimer provides factory-precise analysis. The Vision II Pro's computer quick calculations make the Vision II Pro™ the most accurate image processing headlight aiming device available. The versatility of the Vision II Pro™ system enables you to precisely aim standard VOL, VOR, HIGH, LOW, HID, LED and XENON headlights regardless of size.



  • Color LED Display - Allows for bright detailed images and easy-to-read text. Built-in menus and help screens assist the operator with step-by-step aiming instructions.
  • Aim Lamp Screen - Allows the operator to select the style of headlight to be aimed. VOL/VOR/LOW/HIGH/FOG/HID/LED and XENON lamps.
  • Language Selection - Choose English, Spanish or French as a preferred language.
  • Automatic Floor Slope - A built-in digital level allows for quick service bay changes. Simply change the bay number in the bay settings screen and the aimer software will automatically figure the floor slope offset.
  • Automatic Positioning - Using laser technology and position sensors the software automatically compensates for vehicle misalignment.
  • System Calibration Check - The system performs a diagnostic check to verify the aimer calibration is in specification.
  • Meets the latest SAE J-600 standards for headlight aiming.
  • Approved for use in all state safety inspection programs.
  • Includes: 3 - 4' sections of alignment track, battery pack, battery charger, laser targets, headlight centering targets and G2 transit with target to figure floor slope.