ecoVac Professional Windshield Repair Kit

USD $1,581.00


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The ecoVac� Standard Plus Windshield Repair Kit is a mid-level system that contains the best in GlasWeld technology. This kit features the patented ecoVac Injector, ProCur2 LED UV Curing Light (which cures in less than 1 minute), and a high impact ballistic carrying case. Includes enough initial supplies to perform up to 100 repairs.



  • High impact ballistic kit case
  • ecoVac� Injector and Stand with Lifetime Injector Warranty
  • ProCur2� LED UV Curing Light
  • Resin 2020 Amber (15 ml)
  • Pit Polish
  • Pit Filler
  • Injector Seal Set
  • Corner/Edge Tool
  • Drill (Rechargeable with Charger)



756-GW-W00019 IR Thermometer & Inspection Light $105.00 Add to cart
756-GW-W00020 Moisture Evaporator removes moisture from your repairs $117.00 Add to cart
756-GW-W00026 Hood Protector $58.00 Add to cart
756-GW-W02400 ProVac Large Pit Adapter $19.00 Add to cart
756-GW-W02410 ProVac Vertical Pit Adapter $19.00 Add to cart
756-GW-W02500 ProVac Crack Expander $58.00 Add to cart
756-GW-W07908 Online Certification $112.00 Add to cart
756-GW-W07909 Master Tech Certification $217.00 Add to cart



756-GW-W00021 Injector Seal Lube $6.00 Add to cart
756-GW-W00030 Film Tabs $5.00 Add to cart
756-GW-W03100 ecoVac Seal Kit $34.00 Add to cart
756-GW-W04111 Windshield Repair Resin 2010 Amber $45.00 Add to cart
756-GW-W04131 Windshield Repair Resin 2010 Clear $38.00 Add to cart
756-GW-W04211 Windshield Repair Resin 2020 Amber $45.00 Add to cart
756-GW-W04231 Windshield Repair Resin 2020 Clear $38.00 Add to cart
756-GW-W04411 Pit Filler $45.00 Add to cart
756-GW-W04701 Pit Polish $6.00 Add to cart
756-GW-W06050 Drill Bits - Carbide 5pk $12.00 Add to cart